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EUt+ Academics

Studying at the European University of Technology EUt+ is a decisive experience in the life of all students and learners. It provides them with the practical and theoretical foundations needed to navigate a complex and changing environment:

  • a recognised qualification for the labour market
  • a European network of peers
  • intellectual and cultural curiosity
  • open-mindedness and civic values.

8 campuses, 1 university, 1 diploma

The European Intercampus Diploma in Engineering and the joint study programme under construction are the backbone of EUt+. Harmonisation will take place progressively at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and will cover all fields of study: networks and telecommunications, mechanical engineering, materials, information systems, sustainable development, architecture…

A common laboratory for pedagogical research and student-centred learning

ELaRa, "European Laboratory for Educational Action Research and Student-Centered Learning" develops pedagogies based on communities of practice and knowledge. EUt+ is conceived as a FabLab as a whole, preparing students for the great challenges of the future.

Shared project-based learning platforms

In addition to physical mobility, virtual mobility is a major aspect of the EUt+ curriculum through:

  • the pooling of online modules for students in learning and training which allow them to capitalise on ECTS credits
  • TELANTO, a networking platform for students and professors to form European teams capable of meeting the challenges proposed by companies.
  • the deployment of an educational datacenter currently being rolled out on a European scale dedicated to learning about cloud computing and the web