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  • Online international week 2020 - UTCN
    9. November 2020
    The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) organizes international conferences and free online workshops from 9 to 12 of november 2020.
  • Official start: November 1st
    1. November 2020
    The official starting date for the European University of Technology initiative, EUt+ is November 1st, 2020.Funded by the European Commission, the project will last 36 months and is destined to become permanent by creating strong links and positive synergies between the eight partners of the alliance.
  • RTU 61st International Scientific Conference
    28. September 2020
    International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department of Riga Technical University invites you to the International Education / European University Initiative Section of the 61st RTU International Scientific Conference taking place on 16th of October at 10:00 (Riga time), online platform ZOOM.
  • The EUt+ initiative selected by the European Commission!
    9. Juli 2020
    Towards a European University of Technology.The "European University of Technology - EUt+" Alliance is one of the 24 winners of the second call for proposals for pilot initiatives to create European Universities of the future. This successful bid will support the eight-member transnational alliance to establish a pioneering collaborative model that will revolutionise the quality and competitiveness of technologically-focused higher education in Europe. 
  • A European student card with the common reverse side for EUt+ students.
    5. Juni 2020
    The eight partners of the European University of Technology, EUt+, have agreed on a common reverse side which will be visible on the European student cards of each campus. The implementation of this card will start at the beginning of the academic year in September 2020.
  • International Lecture Series: "The Social Effects of the Corona Crisis"
    17. April 2020
    After some weeks of spreading, politicians and specialists from medicine and especially virologists try to decelerate  the epidemic disease Covid-19 by shut downs. While the various measures succeed in flattening the curves showing the numbers of new infections, the discussion about the social effects of these measures starts to gain momentum. Unemployment, recession, overload of the health system, social isolation, domestic violence, are some of the topics in the general discussion in the media.
  • Submission of the file
    26. Februar 2020
    FILE DEPOSIT : On 26 February, for the second consecutive year, the eight European partners at the initiative of the European University of Technology, EUt+, submitted their project following the call launched by the European Commission.
  • Student report on the EUt+ initiative
    5. Februar 2020
    PEDAGOGY: On their own initiative, a delegation of students submit a report on their willingness to develop technology training and their vision of EUt+.PILOTING : Students launch a comparative study of student representation and their contribution to decisions within member institutions.
  • First step towards ECT Lab+
    4. Februar 2020
    RESEARCH: A Memorandum of Understanding on the creation and development of a laboratory on "European Culture and Technology" 'ECT Lab+' is signed.
  • Signature of the EUt+ Memorandum of Understanding by the eight Rectors
    4. Februar 2020
    STRATEGY: The eight Rectors and Presidents sign the General Memorandum of Understanding formally launching the "European University of Technology" initiative.
  • Drawing up the EUt+ general convergence timetable
    14. Januar 2020
    STRATEGY: The timetable for the general convergence of the eight establishments is drawn up.
  • Finalisation of the engineer general competences of future EUt+ students
    13. Januar 2020
    PEDAGOGY: The general competences of an EUt+ master-engineer graduate student are finalised.
  • Financial support from the French government for the EUt+ initiative
    13. Dezember 2019
    SUPPORT: The French government through the SGPI (Secrétariat Général pour l'Investissement) has decided to financially support the EUt+ initiative.
  • Definition of the main lines of EUt+.
    4. Dezember 2019
    STRATEGY: The main lines of construction of the European University of Technology Alliance and the general balance are set.
  • Definition of the general lines of joint work for the EUt+ consortium
    14. November 2019
    STRATEGY: The general lines of the consortium and the concept of the European University of Technology initiative are launched
  • First reflection on the emergence of a pan-European laboratory around technology in European culture
    30. Oktober 2019
    RESEARCH: Academics from UTTroyes and TUDublin agree on the principle of a pan-European laboratory about humanities and technology.
  • Strong political support
    14. Oktober 2019
    SUPPORT: Thierry Breton and Michel Barnier support EUt+.
  • ATOS supports EUt+
    14. Oktober 2019
    INFRASTRUCTURE: ATOS agrees in principle to study the interoperability of university information systems and the exchange of academic data on this scale.