The European University of Technology EUt+ seeks to articulate its research activities in order to respond effectively to current societal challenges such as climate change, the evolution of mobility, energy sources and their management. The idea is to promote transversal and interdisciplinary research within Graduate Schools and university research schools.

In order to enable researchers to achieve this objective, EUt+:

  • connects national laboratories in European networks in order to strengthen existing activities, disseminate best practices and develop holistic approaches...
  • carries out an in-depth analysis of the alignment of the EUt+ partners' research with major societal challenges in order to identify the main opportunities for growth for the consortium and added value for society
  • sets up the EUt+ Research Institute on these challenges
  • links specific research activities in a given theme to form European laboratories
  • consolidates European laboratories through support networks including associated collaborators, local ecosystems and global partnerships