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Vision EUt+

The European University of Technology EUt+ is built around a common vision, a central pillar "Think human first" from which the following principles are derived :

  • Technology is first and foremost human

Technology is more than a set of techniques or applied sciences. It is our essential human ability to express, think and understand the world through artefacts. In this sense it is an engine of human progress where arts and science meet.  The human sciences are at the heart of the EUt+ curriculum in order to shape engineers and technicians who are aware of global issues but also technologically responsible citizens.

  • Diversity and multilingualism as an opportunity

EUt+ aims to ensure that every student feels at home on all the alliance's campuses and can move freely from one country to another. Immersive technologies allow a first exposure to the multicultural environment in order to overcome psychological, economic and physical barriers.

  • An inclusive university

Founded on the principles of fairness, respect for human rights and European citizenship, EUt+ is committed to providing every student with the resources to achieve the necessary requirements and realise their potential across European campuses.