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As a collective, we have common views and analyses that have led our initiative:

Pioneering a project that reinvents the rules of the game

We strive to set new frontiers of education to pioneer a new European higher education model

Elitism as an indisputable horizon of leadership

We strive to set new frontiers of education to build a truly inclusive university

Manifesto Women in Tech

Teachers and students aspire to open knowledge, across countries and disciplines

We strive to set new frontiers of education to increase knowledge, based on a european common diploma and multidisciplinarity

Today’s challenges can’t be solved within the existing boundaries

We strive to set new frontiers of education to solve today’s biggest challenges

Humanity is facing challenges of unequalled magnitude

Climate change, overexploitation of resources, rising inequalities, the social consequences of the digital age… the answers necessarily go through technology.

Europe has a strong vision to share

A technology both human-centric and society-driven, respectful of individual freedoms and careful about our environment.

At EUT+, we believe in a technological education that empowers citizens and the society to build a powerful Europe.

Through the unprecedented alliance of eight technological universities, we have the ambition to build a new european model of education:
  • An inclusive and diverse model, that helps every student to define one’s own role in society.
  • A model that delivers a high-level scientific education & research, that allows everyone to achieve excellence through a long-term education.
  • A model that raises technological responsible citizens, and that gives its students the ability to act for a better world.

Our signature is a way to sum up our challenge and our impact: European values empowering technology.

Date of update 31 mars 2023