About RTU

  • Area – 65 000 km2
  • Population – 2 million
  • Capital – Riga
  • Language – Latvian
  • RTU was established in 1862;
  • oldest technical university in the Baltic states

Key figures

  • 14.000 students
  • 20% foreign tudents
  • More than 160.000 alumni
  • 500 PhD students
  • 11 study branches
  • 48 study programs completely taught in English
  • 1300 academics staff and researchers

Main themes

Energy & Environnement

Renewable and Alternative Sources of Energy and Technologies for their Conversion, Energy Saving and Efficiency, Environmental Technologies and Quality Management.

Cities & Developement

Interaction of Multifactor in Landscape Development, Real Estate Process Prognoses.

Information & Communication

Modeling and Simulation, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Viable Systems Approach, Hybrid Simulation-Based Optimization Tools, Smart Networks, Capacity Automatics, Communications in Optical Grids, Smart Lighting Grids.


Unmanned Aircraft Design, Aeronautics & Space Technologies, Vehicles Design, Railway & Auto Transport, Transport Economics & Logistics, Mechanics & Non-Linear Dynamics, Biomechanics, Vibration Technologies, Robotics & Automation, Mechatronics, CAD-CAM Technologies.

Materials, Processes

Composite Materials, Nanoparticles & Nanocoverage, Biomaterials, Arterial Implants, Materials for Optoelectronics & IT, Microclimate Regulated Clothing, Bionano & Microsensors, Supperelastic Pressure Sensors, Electrochemical Surface Coverage, Sol-Gel Technology, Organic Synthesis of Compounds & Materials.

Security & Defense

Electrical Controls, Power Quality & Delivery Safety, Water Safety, Human Safety, Cyberphysical Systems, Customs & Border Protection.
Date of update 12 mai 2023