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Joint European Degree Label in engineering (JEDI)

The close collaboration among sixteen educational institutions from eleven countries gave birth to JEDI (Joint European Degree Label in engineering), one of the six pilot projects for joint degree labels funded by the Erasmus+ programme.
This project aims to explore and revise criteria for the implementation of a harmonised European label for joint degree programmes. With a one-year duration and from an engineering, technological, and scientific educational perspective, this project coordinated by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) is committed to providing an additional label to the academic degrees obtained by the students.
In close collaboration with various stakeholders (accreditation agencies, ministries, employers, alumni, student representatives…), the project will analyse the feasibility and impact of the label at the institutional level and define various innovative learning methodologies, emphasizing the European values integrated into joint programmes.
JEDI is part of the collaboration among three European universities, EELISA, ENHANCE, and EUt+. All three alliances are aware of the opportunities and challenges that European partnerships with joint programs and other innovative recognition systems offer for transnational learning experiences.