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1st EUt+ ELaRA Conference “Technologies and Techniques to Support Sustainable Education in the Academic Sphere”

Published on November 16, 2022 Updated on January 4, 2023

on the November 16, 2022

The conference “Technologies and Techniques to Support Sustainable Education in the Academic Sphere” is a pedagogical forum held within the framework of the European Laboratory for Pedagogical Action-Research and Student-Centered Learning – ELaRa (WP3, Task 3.4), dedicated to discussing a wide range of contemporary methods, methodologies and teaching practices in higher education, the related information and communication technologies, as well as the pedagogical techniques employed by academics in higher education. The event is open to all educators from technical and humanities higher education institutions who are willing to share their scholarly work and experience arising out of the applied and theoretical research in the field of higher education pedagogy.

This research event seeks to encourage a critical dialogue between students, academics and researchers. We aim to promote the student voice within the context of sustainability with a student-centered approach. We also intend to popularise, inspire and share best practices with the purpose of questioning and exploring how to further enhance the learning, teaching and research experience of academics, researchers and students in a digital environment. The event aims to offer a creative space vibrant with participants’ voices debating over innovation and change, thus building a bridge between past achievements, knowledge and expertise, on the one hand, and further investigation, on the other. It is strongly believed that by drawing attention to key educational and pedagogical issues, this academic event will undoubtedly inspire each one of the participants with a clearer vision of the future developments in their respective professional and scientific fields. We are also convinced that the forum will be successful in comunicating its message to wider audiences, thus generating stronger public interest by presenting an attractive image of modern science and education, empowered by the innovative technologies as an indispensable part of the teaching, learning and research process in the shared European educational space.
The event’s special focus will be on encouraging reflection on the teaching experience gained in a digital environment, the implementation of best practices, as well as on proposing solutions to their sustainable integration, leading to the development of pedagogical and methodological models interrelated with technology as an essential part of the pedagogical interaction in the 21-st century.
Organizers: Technical University of Sofia, Technological University Dublin & EUt+ Partners
Venue: Technical University of Sofia
Official languages: English and Bulgarian
There is no registration fee.
Mode: Hybrid
• On-site (at the Conference Hall of the Library and Information Centre – TU-Sofia)
• Online (on ZOOM)
Suggested topics:
1. Traditional pedagogy versus innovative pedagogy;
2. Education and Technology: positive experience / negative experience;
3. Is the student / PhD student more knowledgeable than the lecturer usually assumes?;
4. Important, interesting, pragmatic versus archaic, boring, theoretical in contemporary teaching;
5. The student – the PhD student – the academic – co-creators of the New pedagogy;
6. Technologies and Techniques to Support Sustainable Education in Technological Universities;
7. The importance of pedagogy for doctoral students – the missing link?
Key dates:
• Abstract (max 150 words) submission deadline: 30.11.2022
• Conference event: 14 and 15 December 2022
• Papers submission deadline: 28.02.2023
Short Programme
13.12.22: Arrival day
14.12.22: Keynote speeches, presentations and panels
15.12.22: Keynote speeches, presentations and panels
16.12.22: Departure day
Email for abstract submission: here  or here
Website for more information: here
For more information, please contact:

The participation includes making a presentation (up to 10 minutes). Authors are asked to submit a title and an abstract (150 words) of their presentations by 30 November 2022 which will be published in a printed book, as well as in an electronic format on the event website.
The forum will be livestreamed on YouTube. Within two months of the scientific event, the participants will be able to submit papers which will be included in a monograph published by the EUt+ Academic Press.
The event will be publicised on the TU-Sofia website, in the University newspaper and by the media partners of the TU-Sofia. It will also be accompanied by two exhibitions:
  • A design and painting exhibition “Design Techniques” – painting, textile, glass, installation. Author: Prof. Maria Evtimova, PhD Venue: TEHNE Art Gallery Opening: 08.12.2022.
  • A sculpture exhibition “Technological spaces” (The Labour of Sisyphus), a kinetic metal sculpture installation. Author: Georgi Velikov Venue: Foyer, Block 8, TU-Sofia Opening: 09.12.2022.
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