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European Culture and Technology Laboratory - ECT Lab+

The European Culture and Technology Laboratory, ECT Lab+, is a key component of the European University of Technology.

Transdisciplinarity for understanding technology

ECT Lab+, as a transdisciplinary collaborative structure, conducts cutting-edge research and in-depth investigations into the nature and function of technology. Its objective is to clarify and promote a specific European model around technology while helping legal and regulatory frameworks to evolve in a relevant direction.

Research missions

Following its formal establishment on February 4, 2020, ECT Lab+'s mission is to:

  • Promote a transdisciplinary perspective on technology through the articulation of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Art & Humanities, and Engineering Sciences
  • Integrate research on the humanities and social sciences into the overall research of the European University
  • Create a critical mass in research in the arts, humanities and social sciences within the European university.