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A week of workshops for the Eight Partner Universities of EUt+ in the Oldest Town on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – EUt+ Sozopol Week, June 2022

Published on June 23, 2022 Updated on June 23, 2022

on the June 23, 2022

From June 21th to 24th, 40 European partners involved in the research and in the academic work of the EUt+ project are meeting in Sozopol, hosted by the Bulgarian partner of the Alliance, Technical University of Sofia (TUS). The main objectives of this meeting are to make an important step in the progress and construction of the European University of Technology. The opening was attended by officials from the city of Sozopol. Technical university of Sofia is the biggest and the highest technical university in Bulgaria. He has the highest rating from the Bulgarian Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education in the professional fields in which the training is conducted. With its campuses in three strategic cities in Bulgaria, the university provides an opportunity for students from all over the country to study as bachelors, masters and doctors in a wide range of technical specialties.

The official opening has taken place on the 22nd June and was introduced by Prof. Eng. Lyubomir Dimitrov, PhD, the TU – Sofia project coordinator. It was followed by a welcome speech delivered by the Rector of TU – Sofia Prof. Eng. Ivan Kralov, PhD, DSc. He has presented the National Centre of Excellence of Mechatronics and Clean Technologies at the University. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the Sozopol Municipality who familiarized the guests with various aspects of the town’s natural landmarks and rich historical heritage.

The working sessions will cover "Thriving in multilingualism and multiculturalism", "how to create a common laboratory for pedagogical research and student-centred learning" and "How to negotiate public and private partnership agreements". EUt+ Board meeting ended each day of work.
Date of update 23 juin 2022