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A week reviewing the building bricks of the European University of Technology, EUt+

Published on May 25, 2022 Updated on May 25, 2022

on the May 25, 2022

Delegates from across Europe travelled to Dublin for the European University of Technology (EUt+) General Task Review workshops taking place in TU Dublin this week. Over 100 attendees from the eight EUt+ partner Universities have gathered under the banner of EUt+ on TU Dublin's campus to share their progress so far and to discuss EUT+ priorities for the future.

Presentations from Task Managers from across the Eight Working Packages permitted each one of them to share the main achievements and some obstacles encountered which of course included Covid.

The objective of promoting and supporting multiculturalism and multilinguism has been enhanced as a very important challenge that will essentially rely on long term mobilities and capacity of students to learn a second foreign language.

The ambition to create fruitfull links and strong relationships with society, industry networks have been reviewed and encouraged.

Clusters, meaning common programs, have just been launched and opened to students whoare invited to spend at least one semester within EUt+. These programmes are offering automatic recognition of credits, a feeling of belonging to a wider family and a warm welcome that make each of them feel at home on all campuses.

This has been made possible by a careful analysis of the skills and learning outcomes provided by the courses in each partner university.

The European Laboratory For Pedagogical Action - Research And Student-Centred Learning (ELaRA) has been meeting and discussing with teachers and researchers every month to nourish the future.

Research Schools Programs together with European Reasearch Institutes are actively under construction on Nanotechnology, DataScience, Sustanability and as a central element of the spirit of EUt+, the European Culture and Technology Lab " 'The ECT Lab” . Its mission is to promote trans/multi-disciplinarity within the European University, to integrate humanities and social sciences into theresearch projects of the European University and create a critical mass of research in the arts, humanities and social sciences within the EuropeanUniversity of Technology.

Through the EUt+ initiative, the staff mobility is strongly encouraged and starting to accelerate.

An IT convergence plan will help to share business processes, gain in efficency and will lead to a european student card.

The EUt+ brand and identity created with the support of Havas has been reconised as an effective ‘creative commons’, a strong banner recognized by stakeholders.

This week in Dublin has been the opportunity to launch the EUt+ Academic press, which will be publishing and disseminating high-quality scholarly works using a free to read and publish open-access platform.

The group is taking dissimination of its experience very seriously to share methodology with other European universities under construction.

Led by experienced staff, the members involved in fundraising for the alliance are exchanging and mutualizing practices to contribute to the overall goal.
Date of update 25 mai 2022