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UNITAR/EUt+ collaboration – Call for Papers on Education for Sustainable Development with UNITAR

Published on November 17, 2022 Updated on November 17, 2022

on the November 17, 2022

The Irish Journal of Academic Practice (IJAP) from TU Dublin (https://arrow.tudublin.ie/ijap/) is collaborating with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR, https://unitar.org/sustainable-development-goals/peace/our-portfolio/research-publications) and calling for papers on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

This special issue aims at capturing pedagogical innovations, underpinning institutional strategy and capacity building across higher education, that are contributing to SDG 4.7. We are particularly interested in articles that share lessons learnt from emergent practices in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as well as contrasting views on the future direction of academic scholarship and professional practice.

The eleven thematic areas include:
  • pedagogical innovation for SDG 4.7;
  • embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion;
  • sustainable strategy in higher education;
  • building capacity;
  • mobilizing young people;
  • integrating circular principles.
Please visit the website available here for more information.
Abstract submissions are due by 5pm on 27th November 2022. Please submit a 500 word abstract to ARROW following the instructions provided here.

Language: English

More about UNITAR/EUt+ collaboration

The ELaRA Lab at EUt+ is developing a working paper series on circular pedagogy for smart, inclusive and sustainable education. This work is being developed in collaboration with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Up to now, two papers from this series have been published in UNITAR's Research Publications – Working Paper 2022/01 'A Circular Pedagogy for Higher Education' and 2022/02 'Circular Pedagogy for Smart, Inclusive and Sustainable Education'. The papers contribute to the current debate by exploring pedagogy as a circular process, in particular, a process that drives actions that help develop a more conscious socio-economic and environmental society.
You can read the UNITAR / EUt+ working papers and learn more about the Special Issue here.
The work between UNITAR and EUt+ emerged from a close working relationship with Dr Lucía Morales of TU Dublin over many years. Reflecting on the potential for the EUt+ work with UNITAR, Lucía Morales said, "Elara is an excellent European laboratory to explore together with UNITAR how transdisciplinary research and education across EUt+ can contribute to the development of a new educational model that is framed on impact. Furthermore, this work will help reinforce the educator's role in addressing sustainability challenges from multiple perspectives."
Date of update 17 novembre 2022