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ELaRa presents an online symposium: post-pandemic pedagogies

Published on November 10, 2021 Updated on November 24, 2021
post pandemic pedagogies
post pandemic pedagogies

on the November 10, 2021

The European Laboratory For Pedagogical Action Research And Student-Centred Learning (ELaRA) presents an online event on November 22 and 23 dedicated to the new pedagogies after the pandemic. Lectures, round tables presentation and workshops involving all partners of the Alliance are going to take place.

The theme of this two-day event is “Post-pandemic pedagogies, looking to the past and preparing the future in light of the COVID-19 crisis". Teachers and students from the Alliance will share their experiences on subjects related to online teaching, learning, and assessments. Members of ELaRA will also give lectures related to their research and projects

ELaRA aims, with this conference, to create a space for sharing experiences and ideas for the improvement of pedagogical practices on a European scale. Teachers, students and staff are welcome to this online event.

Day 1 - November 22nd 2021


Student experience of higher education during Covid
Lecture by TU Dublin

Students feelings and online courses
Lecture by TUCJ

Sharing learning and teaching experiences in a pandemic context
Round table by UPCT, TUS and RTU

Peer observation of teaching in a pan- university context to establish reflection and feedback on teaching practice
Presentation by TU Dublin

Designing online courses and assessments
Presentation by CUT, UTT and TU Dublin

Online social event

Day 2 - November 23rd 2021

Online exams and guarantee of academic integrity
Presentation by CUT

Increasing participation of students in online courses
Presentation by TU Dublin

Perception of online courses and  exams: what do students wish and request ?
Round table by HDA

How to improve online pedagogies
Workshop by UTT


How to participate ?
Registration form : click here
Contact : chloe.duvivier@utt.fr

Date of update 24 novembre 2021