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EUt+ Limassol Week at Cyprus University of Technology (10-14 October 2022)

Published on October 12, 2022 Updated on October 12, 2022

on the October 12, 2022

Delegates from across Europe travelled to Limassol for the European University of Technology (EUt+) and various workshops are taking place in Cyprus University of Technology during this week, from 10th to 14th of October 2022. Over 100 attendees from the eight EUt+ partner Universities have gathered under the banner of EUt+ on CUT campus to share their progress so far and to discuss EUt+ priorities for the future.

This working week in Limassol will also be an opportunity to introduce Cyprus University of Technology to the seven other EUt+ member universities: the Hochschule of Darmstadt (Germany), the Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria), the University of Technology of Troye (France), the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain), the Dublin University of Technology (Ireland), the Technical University of Riga (Latvia) and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
The ambition of Limassol Week is to create fruitful links and strong relationships between universities with society and industry. EUt+ aims to create excellence for European society, economy and culture. The European University of Technology aims to fundamentally transform the quality, performance and effectiveness of higher education in technology.
Program of workshops

Throughout the week, representatives of EUt+ partners, academic and administrative staff, doctor students and students will alternate between workshops on the various project tasks and informal exchanges.
The workshops that will be active during this week concern T2.1 and 2.4, T3.1 (Sustainable Development working group), T3.2 (Environment engineering Master working group), T3.3, Education Committee, T4.2 (Sustainability Lab), WP5, InnoEUT, WPX4 and Green Offices.
At the same time, many interesting seminars and events will take place during the Limassol Week at the university campus, focused on student’s interaction, involvement and education about EUt+. Furthermore, workshops, seminars and events are welcome to local and university community to participate.Nouvel onglet titre

Events, seminars and workshops

Failures: the key for success? – Open seminar 

An open seminar in collaboration with the Université de Technologie de Troyes, to understand the power of failures using critical and analytical skills. Why? In the overflow of information concerning success, we can hardly define which actions lead to success. A failure gives you the opportunity to examine deeply what worked and what didn’t, making you feel friendlier with the idea of failing and so increasing confidence into taking risk.

Inclusive future for all, presentation of CUT equality plan 2022-2024

In the presentation, the members of the EUt+ and CUT community, staff and students, will be informed about the main pillars and actions included in the Equality Plan, as well as about the roles and responsibilities of each implementing body.  

Business Idea Generator, Student Workshop

During this Student Workshop, multicultural teams of students from all EUt+ partners will be created to come up with solutions to specific challenges, that a Problem Owner from the startup, NGO or administration world will give them. 
This Hackathon is a real opportunity for the students to work on a real societal problem, come up with ideas and prototype a solution.

Launch Game, Student Workshop

The Launch game will be the opportunity for multicultural student teams from all the EUt+ partners to work on a product or service, and they will experience what the first 2 years of running a startup feels like through a simulation game.
Throughout this simulation game, the teams will have to make decisions about their startup and their data will be input in a software. Experts on specific topics will support them throughout the workshop.

EUt+ Student Fair

Representatives from the eight (8) universities participating in the EUt+ alliance along with representatives of the Cyprus University of Technology student union will be at the respective booths of the Student Fair to answer all questions of visitors.
What is it like to live and study through EUt+? What is it like to live in Darmstadt in Germany and study at the University of Applied Sciences there or the Technical University of Riga in Latvia? How is student life and cost of living as a student at Dublin University of Technology in Ireland or Sofia University of Technology in Bulgaria? How can you find out about the study programs that interest you at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Spain or the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania? What are the internship opportunities at Troyes University of Technology in France or Cyprus University of Technology? How can you get funding through the Erasmus+ programme?
The Student Fair will be followed by a party with dj, karaoke, food and drinks.

Creativity explored -expression of the inner world, creativity art workshop 

Within the framework of the EUt+ activities, the Center of Student Development invites you to an innovative workshop ‘CREATIVITY EXPLORED – EXPRESSION OF THE INNER WORLD’ in collaboration with the Department of Fine Arts, Blind Date Arts Lab and Green@Cut.
A walk-in expressive activity where you can explore your creativity through reusable materials and share a personal story. There are no rules, other than respect the others’ creations and expressions. Use a cardboard to depict a feeling, a thought, a dream.

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