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EUT+ Sofia Week: Forging the Future of European Higher Education in Research-driven Excellence

Published on February 26, 2024 Updated on February 26, 2024

on the February 26, 2024

From February 26th to March 1st, 2024, the Technical University of Sofia will be hosting a working meeting for representatives from the nine member institutions of the European Technological University (EUT+).

EUT+ is a forward-thinking alliance comprising leading technical universities committed to fostering innovation, upholding high standards, and promoting collaboration in engineering education and research throughout Europe. The gathering is aligned with the European academic alliance's dedication to establishing an inclusive, intercultural, and interdisciplinary academic community aimed at crafting a new European higher education paradigm grounded in scientific and technological research.

The event in Sofia will provide guidance for addressing complex challenges crucial for the successful development of the nine universities united in EUT+. The main focus of the meeting will be on providing high-quality education and conducting cutting-edge research. The forum will encourage the academic community in common policies and commitment. In the subsequent phase of integration, the EUT+ alliance is committed to creating educational programs at all levels that will reflect mutually agreed values and high standards of education. Part of the efforts will be directed towards building the capacity of the academic staff through a variety of master classes covering various areas - from project management skills to the development and implementation of research analysis tools based on artificial intelligence. Everything will be regulated by European standards for quality assurance and guidelines, through which to promote the transformation of national education regulations to achieve high European standards.

Excellent university education requires a stable scientific foundation, and EUT+ members will continue their ongoing efforts to obtain a comprehensive assessment of research strategies and achieved results, teaching methodologies, and knowledge transfer activities. This joint work aims to harmonize and develop a common plan that will serve as the basis for a modern strategy for research and innovation of the alliance.

The European University of Technology continues its main efforts towards strengthening the links between science and society through the creation of human-centered technologies.

The EUT+ Sofia Week presents a valuable opportunity to reinforce scientific cooperation among members of the EUT+ Alliance, as they embark on reshaping the landscape of European higher education. This forum exemplifies the collective ethos that propels the Alliance toward shaping the future of higher education and research in Europe.
Date of update 26 février 2024