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EUt+ students take part to the future of Europe through the European University Community - EUC

Published on June 30, 2022 Updated on June 30, 2022

on the June 20, 2022

Taking part of the EUC, 16 students from 10 different alliances and 10 Countries contributed to the writing of a Manifesto expressing a common view on the Future of Universities in Europe. The EUC is a grass roots project initiated by students from European Universities to be the voice of European students in the Conference for the Future of Europe.

The Manifesto on the Future of Universities in Europe is a public statement setting up an agenda for action. Creative, daring, challenging, it promotes a common vision for the university of the future, the way it will shape Europe and the role European University Alliances. It gathers student positions on the future of Higher Education in Europe, as well as their recommendations to make European universities more in line with their expectations.

EUt+ and its students promote diverse and inclusive universities.

This is more important than ever in the current European socio-political climate. Classical comprehensive universities are typically large research-intensive lighthouses, whose activities span all disciplines and all educational levels. These universities have an academic understanding of what makes a "good student". Therefore, they can leave aside talented young people who need a more supportive, personalized environment. This contributes to the feeling of increasing social division and inequality which is one of Europe’s greatest challenges.
EUt+ aims to leverage technology to bridge the gap of inclusion and leverages inclusion to render technology more human. We aim to educate and support all students.

The EUt+ community supports the Manifesto on the future of Universities in Europe.

Our consortium strongly believes that universities must be key players in the European dynamic and that students and staff members need to be proactive in this process. Europe's value is its ability to embrace diversity while affirming strong common values: freedom, democracy, ethics, inclusion, and cooperation. We believe in the possibility of going further in this cooperation. Finally, Europe will need to develop a proactive policy on sustainability and universities must be a driving force on this issue.

EUt+ students representatives want to add their points of view

"We would like to draw attention to a few elements. We are not supportive of the idea of having fully online semesters as we do not believe that this pedagogical format allows students and PhD students a fulfilling learning experience.
With regard to the sustainability agenda, we are ready to go further in support of sustainable travel. We consider that this subject is not sufficiently emphasized in the Manifesto and we would like to give it more importance.
We are also concerned about the ability to give more equal opportunities in education for all students, regardless of where they come from and their country’s education, political, and economic standing. Furthermore, we would be very pleased to see this Manifesto translated into the different languages of Europe to emphasize the multiculturalism of this initiative.
Overall, we agree with the majority of the statements made in this document and we support it!"

With 100,000 students, 7,000 academic staff and 5,000 administrative and technical staff, EUt+ will be an inclusive mirror of European society, reflecting its ethics and values, providing effective solutions to the challenges of European integration and sustainability.
Date of update 30 juin 2022