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EUT+ Troyes Week 2024 : Towards a joint european degree model

Published on February 2, 2024 Updated on February 2, 2024

on the February 2, 2024

From 22 to 26 January 2024, the European University of Technology (EUT+) has hosted in Troyes (France) more than 130 participants for a physical meeting centred around our European curricula towards a joint european degree model, for which EUT+ aims to be a flagship initiative. The Université de technologie de Troyes (UTT) has thus hosted the launch of the new capacity building policy of EUT+ through the prism of a common reflection on Education in Europe.

This physical meeting has started with a presentation by Yann-Maël Bideau (policy officer at the European Commission, DGEAC) on the ongoing reflection on the European degree (label) and Higher Education Area in Europe, followed by a seminar from Stefan Delplace (former Secretary general of EURASHE) on European Standards and Guidelines and convergence towards a European Quality Assurance system. These presentations mark the beginning of the new capacity building policy of EUT+, supported both by such external testimonials and internal masterclasses. The Alliance aims indeed to value its members’ strengths to foster internal capacity building and thus, the inaugural session has been followed by two masterclasses. The first one focuses on key performance indicators while the second one aims to give pedagogical framework and technical tools in order to develop EUT+ programmes. This new organisation of physical meetings, focused on capacity building, has been highly praised by the nine EUT+ rectors in the Rectors Board meeting held on Thursday 25.

In complement to the capacity building policy of EUT+, members from fifteen EUT+ curricula in construction have worked further on the development of their common curricula, bringing the Alliance further to the realisation of its ambitions regarding the European degree. In line with the necessity to draw the contours of tomorrow’s engineering programmes, the communication team has met with Havas, early support of the Alliance at the source of its brand, in order to discuss, in the presence of students, key messages tailored to each member in order to promote the EUT+ model which is being created.

Additionally, representatives of the STYX project, aimed to explore legal status for European alliances, have finalised in Troyes ten standards for harmonising the EUT+ Alliance towards convergence, in line with the Mission Statement of the Alliance+: “Today we are nine, tomorrow we will be one”.

Finally, participants have had the opportunity to get to know Troyes better through a visit of the CIME, latest sports facility from the Department of Aube, introduced by Sibylle Bertail-Fassaert, Department Councillor. The European delegation has also enjoyed an evening in the magnificent setting of the Town Hall's Salle des Fêtes, in the presence of Nicolas Honoré, town councillor and UTT alumni.
Date of update 02 février 2024