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Eut+ Women Wednesdays - Karine Lan

Published on March 30, 2022 Updated on March 30, 2022

on the March 30, 2022

Karine Lan is WP leader of WPX6 (Assessment Methodology and dissemination), Task leader together with Christine Aubrat of TX4.4 (Citizen Labs) and UTT’s Task Liaison for T5.4 (Fostering Internal Engagement) and T1.3 (Quality Management and KPIs). She has largely contributed to writing the bid of EUt EXTRAS project.

Karine contributes to EUt+ by bringing her co-design experience and Living Lab expertise to co-construct EUt+ and its institutional transformation. Her experience in applied, committed and reflexive research allows Karine to integrate in EUt+ empirical analyses aiming at informing both organisational and social innovation.

“As a publishing researcher and a sociologist involved in research-action projects, I believe in the amazing potential of EUt+ to empower students, teachers, territories, and most of our stakeholders. I strongly believe that putting people at the centre, considering their needs and expectations, leads to designing adequate solutions and having efficient change management. This is why I have brought forward the necessary taking into consideration of the societal impact of our research in the future European Research Institutes.”

“Science with and for society”, which is the current policy of the European Commission or the ANR, is precisely what Karine has been practicing these 10 last years at UTT. All her projects converge towards demonstrating the usefulness of an empirical Human-centred and Participatory Design approach across a wide range of application domains: health and assisted living technologies; social participation for disabled persons; integration of high school students in Higher Education; innovative education methods... and now designing the University of the future !
Date of update 30 mars 2022