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International workshop “Women Talk about Science - Science Talks about Women”

Published on April 6, 2023 Updated on April 6, 2023
International workshop “Women Talk about Science
International workshop “Women Talk about Science"

on the March 30, 2023

TU Sofia and TU Dublin have organised March 30th an International workshop “Women Talk about Science - Science Talks about Women” focusing on the achievements of women scientists and the transdisciplinarity approach when teaching and learning in Higher education.

The student-centered European Laboratory for Pedagogical Applied Research (ELaRA), part of the European University of Technology (EUt+) project, represented by a team from the Technical University of Sofia and the Technological University Dublin, organized March 30th an international workshop in a hybrid format dedicated to women scientists, presenting research and innovative developments from different fields of engineering and pedagogical sciences of female lecturers, PhD students and undergraduate students from the Technical University of Sofia.
The idea of the seminar was to present the vision of women scientists for modern science, the future development of research and the position of the modern woman researcher and scientist in the dynamic field of technological progress. According to the organizers, the conversation and discussion on science done by women will promote their achievements and focus the attention of the academic community and the general public towards the role of women as scientists and innovators in the 21st century.

The event was opened by the Deputy Rector for Scientific and Applied Activities of TU - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Lydia Galabova, who congratulated the organizers and participants on behalf of the Rector's leadership and on her own behalf for the initiative and the focus on women scientists in technology and teaching in higher education, stressing that the event is proof of the usefulness, synergy and sustainability of the Alliance and the structures it builds, such as ELaRA.

At the invitation of the organizers, Ms. Emanuela Tomova, Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO - Bulgaria, delivered a congratulatory address to the participants and guests. Part of UNESCO's policies include promoting equality in education. In her address, Ms. Tomova highlighted the importance and significance of women and their work in the field of science and the modern world in general - their discoveries and achievements, thanked the TU for the initiative and assured the organizers of the full support of the institution she represented.
The thematic reports were delivered by representatives of the United Nation’s Institute for Training and Research, invited by TU - Dublin - Dr. Jon-Hans Kotzer and Ms. Svenja Folmer, who presented the European experience and their work as experts for the implementation of European policies based on shared values, including the promotion of equality between men and women.
In the two thematic panels - "Emancipation and the Sphere of Science" and "The Woman Scientist and the World of Innovation", presentations were given by female professors and PhD students who touched upon various topics in the field of technology and innovation. The presentations aroused the interest and attracted the attention of the audience, which included not only lecturers and PhD students from TU - Sofia, TU - Dublin and TU - Cluj-Napoca, but also more than 50 students who attended the event during the different sessions in the two panels.

The organizers shared their joy of the cooperation with their colleagues from TU Dublin, with whom this was the second event they realized. The good communication, synchrony and complementarity of ideas in the organization and implementation of their initiative shows that there are no borders, barriers and distances in the academic sphere.
Date of update 06 avril 2023