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Successful Conclusion of EUt+ Satellite Projects in Sofia Forum

Published on September 18, 2023 Updated on September 18, 2023
Ethico Event
Ethico Event

on the September 18, 2023

"A remarkable Culture, Education, and Science Forum, marking the successful culmination of the EthiCo and EXTRAS projects under the European University of Technology, EUt+"

The Technical University of Sofia recently hosted a remarkable Culture, Education, and Science Forum, marking the successful culmination of the EthiCo and EXTRAS projects under the European University of Technology, EUt+. The event commenced with the opening remarks from Professor Lidia Galabova, Deputy Rector overseeing the University's scientific and application activities, along with the Head of the ECT Lab+ - European Culture and Technology Lab - and EthiCo Project Manager, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, representing the Technological University of Dublin.

At the core of this forum was the urgent recognition that the complex challenges posed by climate issues, environmental concerns, and technological advancement demand a fresh approach to twenty-first-century education. Participants unanimously agreed that integrating ethics and ecology into technical university curricula equips future generations with the essential skills to address climate change and resource depletion through innovation and technology, all while prioritizing the well-being of humanity.

The motto driving this joint forum was the shared belief that ethics is not merely a set of principles but a practice, a collective set of methods, and a moral attitude with communal implications. In times of crisis and peril, individuals should transcend their personal needs, acting both locally and globally in harmony with their community. It's about aggregating micro solutions to yield a global impact. To fulfill this vision, the academic community is called upon to develop and implement programs that embed ethics and ecology into research and basic university education.

The discourse at the forum emphasized the inherent interconnectedness of ethics, ecology, and technology. This understanding underscores the need for both educators and students to recognize the synergy between ethical considerations and ecological consciousness in their pursuit of technological advancement.

"Our mission is to design innovative, ethical, and ecological educational methods applicable across a spectrum of disciplines within EUt+. From the arts and social sciences to engineering and environmental studies, our aim is to broaden the perception of technology. It's not just about the application of science; it's about becoming more humane through technology. Our long-term objective is to reshape technical and technological education for greater sustainability on both individual and societal levels," highlighted the lecturers at the gathering.

On the second day of the forum, the EUt+ Ideas Institute Think Tank convened an Expert Panel under the theme "Technology, Ecology, and Sustainability." Government representatives, business leaders, and the general public engaged in multidisciplinary discussions exploring what it means to be human in a world dominated by complex socio-technical systems. The conversation revolved around nurturing self, society, and the planet while confronting monumental challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, inequality, and the digital revolution.

In today's globalized world, EUt+ exemplifies the collaborative spirit, fostering shared values, and forging a unique identity. As our rapidly evolving technological landscape necessitates diverse practical solutions, integrating ethical and ecological principles becomes paramount, serving not only individual interests but the greater good of humanity.
This forum marked the successful conclusion of the EthiCo project, heralding a new chapter in EUt+'s journey towards a sustainable and ethical future.

"Ethico" Multiplier Event at the Technical University of Sofia"
Date of update 18 septembre 2023