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Technical University of Cartagena to host from 26th to 28th of september the final review of the first phase of EUt+ project

Published on September 22, 2023 Updated on September 22, 2023
Cartagena week
Cartagena week

on the September 22, 2023

More than 120 representatives of the 9 universities participating in the European University of Technology (EUt+) alliance will meet at the CIM Campus of the Technical University of Cartagena last week of September in order to assess the achievements obtained in the different work packages of the first funded project.

22nd September 2023

It has been three years of intense work on an initiative launched in November 2020 with the technological universities of Troyes (France), Cyprus, Sofia (Bulgaria), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Dublin (Ireland), Riga (Latvia), Darmstadt (Germany) and Cartagena (Spain), with an initial funding of EUR 5.5 million.

During this working week in Cartagena, the leaders of the eight work packages and their related tasks, the members of the sectoral committees, the project support team, the communication team, rectors, principal representatives and general secretariat, will discuss the status of the tasks carried out during the last part of this first phase of the EUt+ initiative. This review will serve to prepare the final project closure report by the end of October this year. For the first time, the governance team of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) will participate as guests in order to initiate discussions and gain an overview of the outcomes of the first phase of EUt+.

One of the backbones of the initiative has been the promotion of multiculturalism and multilingualism, which will support the mobilities of students to be longer and an adequate competence in at least one second foreign language. In parallel to the EUt+ main project, the alliance works on the configuration of a legal entity for the management of digital services and information technologies through the STYX (status and Structure eXperience) project, as well as the design of a european label for joint titles in the field of engineering with the JEDI (Joint European Degree label in Engineering) project.

The mobility objectives of university students in this first phase have been configured around 8 thematic clusters on Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks, Civil Engineering, Food science and technology, Architecture, Industrial Engineering and Science in Sustainable Development. In addition, 3 new cluster proposals for Environmental Engineering, Microelectronics and Computer Science are being developed.

In the field of research stand out the proposals for the creation of new European Research Institutes, such as the European Culture and Technology Laboratory (ECTLab+), which aims to promote multidisciplinarity within EUt+ by aiming to integrate humanities and social sciences research into the Alliance. In terms of governance the European Research Office (ERO) and the European Office for Innovation and Technology Transfer (EITTO) will help to structure the research at EUt+ level.

The Italian University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) will join the second phase of the EUt+ Accelerate initiative, which is set to start on November 1st and run through 2027. This phase will receive funding totaling EUR 14.4 million under the Erasmus+ "European Universities" programme.
Date of update 22 septembre 2023