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The European University of Technology was presented at the Tenth anniversary of the European Forum of social and solidarity Economy in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Published on June 24, 2022 Updated on June 28, 2022

on the June 24, 2022

The possibilities for students from all over the world for a european quality technological education available through the EUt+ were presented at the tenth European Forum of social and solidarity economy.

The event was organized by the National Union of Worker Producers Cooperatives in partnership with the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The forum took place at the International Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and attracted representatives from European and national public authorities, municipalities, academics and enterprises from social economy.

The event was officially opened by the Bulgarian Vice President Mrs. Iliana Yotova, the mayor of the Plovdiv Municipality Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov and the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Mr. Nicolas Schmit.

Among the officials of the event the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mr. Georgi Gyokov, the Minister of Agriculture Mr. Ivan Ivanov, mayors, representatives of academia were here.

The three-day forum brought together social entrepreneurs, people returning to work with the help of social and solidarity economy. Products and services of this economy were offered to the general public.

A special round table and science-practical conference were conducted within the forum. The Dean of the French Faculty of the Technical University – Sofia Prof. Kiril Anguelov presented all possibilities for students to have access to quality technological education through the joint efforts of 8 TU universities forming EUt+. He specially emphasized EUt+ values, in full compliance with the Social and Solidarity Economy.
Date of update 28 juin 2022