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The EUT+ european degrees

Studying at the European University of Technology EUt+ is a decisive experience in the life of all students and learners. It provides them with the practical and theoretical foundations needed to navigate a complex and changing environment:
  • a recognised qualification for the labour market
  • a European network of peers
  • intellectual and cultural curiosity
  • open-mindedness and civic values.

8 campuses, 1 European university, 1 degree

The European degrees in Engineering are the backbone of EUt+. Harmonisation will take place progressively at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and will cover all fields of study: networks and telecommunications, mechanical engineering, materials, information systems, sustainable development, architecture…

All our campuses, due to their technological and open character, practice competency-based pedagogies and challenge or project-based approaches as well as widely using digital tools. Between 10% and 30% (depending on the training cycles and the partners) of our courses are taught by external professionals and apprenticeship or long training periods in companies are compulsory in many programs.

However, we will enhance students-centered learning, group-centered approaches as well as the importance of Humanities and Social Sciences for technology curricula to meet students expectations.

As highlighted in the Mission Statement, increasing the place of Humanities and Social Sciences is fully in line with our values. We will expand the know-how throughout our campuses and promote a pluridisciplinary approach whereby Humanities and Social Sciences are embedded in the technological curricula rather than being independent stand-alone courses.

Critical thinking, creativity and problem solving will be valued and education as a lifelong learning process will be encouraged.

"University as a FabLab" approach will be developed in our pedagogy to increase retention rates, especially amongst girls.

Master students will fully customize their study program across the campuses to validate the expected competencies of their degree.

Finally, a platform combining eportfolio and course catalogue currently being developed will help students make choices based on learning outcomes, pre-validation and follow-up by teaching teams.
Date of update 21 septembre 2021