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Vox Pop EUt+ by UTTroyes students

Published on February 11, 2021 Updated on February 11, 2021

on the January 5, 2021

9th-10th December 2020
Troyes, France

During the Vox-Pop - Let's Talk Europe, Let's Talk EUt+ event held last December, the students of UTTroyes demonstrated their creativity in understanding the essence of the European University of Technology.

Through this cross interview, Pierre Koch and Timothée Toury talk about the EUt+ initiative and the future prospects of the UTT.

The EUt+ DNA booklet provides information about the eight partner universities and destinations; it explains the meaning of the word Paldies in Latvian or what the Caldero is in Cartagena.
The journey continues in music through this playlist including German, Bulgarian, Cypriot, Spanish, Irish, Latvian hits from yesterday and today:
Date of update 11 février 2021