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Published on October 11, 2021 Updated on November 24, 2021

on the October 11, 2021

Darmstadt, Germany

From October 11 to 15, 80 European partners involved in the research and in the academic work of the EUt+ project are meeting in Darmstadt, hosted by the German partner of the Alliance, hochschule Darmstadt (h_da). The main objectives of this meeting are to officially launch the SwafS project “Science With and For Society” (linked with the experimental EUt EXTRAS), and to deepen the first achievements in the academic and European research fields. The working groups involved in “information systems synergies” will also meet.

The agenda

European research institutes

Meetings gathering the 8 partners in work packages are scheduled for the whole week. The task working on research will start the first wave of European research institutes. The following waves are to be discussed and planned.


Marta Truco-Calbet, EC project-officer DG research and innovation, is expected on Thursday for a kick-off meeting about the EUt+ EXTRAS.
“EUt+ EXTRAS is meant to support the emergence of intercampus “knowledge-creating teams” across our institutions, across disciplines, and across types of activities, towards a new approach of the environment and of steering and execution of research. It aims to build a test bed and establish a common roadmap for research and innovation at the EUt+ level by 2030.”

The common curricula

The first steps of EUt+ curricula were settled during the week in Cyprus. Clusters are now preparing a common degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering and in telecommunications & networks.
Working groups dedicated to building common administrative and IT capacity are meeting physically for the first time to create a tailor-made information management structure, and to ensure that processes and tools are operated in the most appropriate way.

Date of update 24 novembre 2021