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A student voice for EUt+

Published on September 24, 2021 Updated on November 24, 2021

on the September 24, 2021

Limassol, Cyprus

During the EUt+ Limassol week, students’ representatives have decided to form a Student Board to operate together and structure their contribution to the initiative. According to the spirit and vision of EUt+, the Student Board will advocate for student interests and create an inclusive and diverse network where all students from all universities can feel welcome.

To have a more structured student involvement in the EUt+, the students participating in the Limassol week have worked together to create a student committee: the Student Board. This body includes 16 students (two from each university) to make sure that all students of the alliance are well represented.

The Student Board is designed to be an independent committee that is in direct contact with the governing board and steering committee and can also be addressed by the work packages. So far it is planned that the Student Board will meet 4 times a year; two of these will be physical meetings. This way, students will be able to discuss all issues related to the construction of the EUt+ , form a student opinion, brainstorm to suggest new concepts and create “task forces” : follow-up groups for demanding tasks. The follow-up groups will be formed by students from the Student Pool (all interested and active students) and will be delegated to manage tasks that require student involvement or projects launched by the Student Board.
At least once a year, the Student Board plans to have a General Assembly where all students who are active or want to become active in the EUt+ can participate. The purpose of the General Assembly is to give a space in which each student can voice ideas or concerns and also create a feeling of community among all EUt+ students.

Date of update 24 novembre 2021