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EUt+ Darmstadt Week focuses on research topics

Published on June 2, 2023 Updated on June 2, 2023
Eut+Darmsdtat Research
Eut+Darmsdtat Research

on the May 12, 2023

"Representatives from all the EUt+ universities were attending the “Darmstadt Week” to take their joint research projects forward"

The Schöfferstrasse Campus was filled with hustle and bustle from 8 to 12 May. Representatives from all the EUt+ universities were attending the “Darmstadt Week” to take their joint research projects forward. Attention centred on the mid-term report on “EXTRAS”, an EUt+ project that fosters research and the dissemination of knowledge. Appraisers from the European Commission joined the event and delivered a positive assessment of the projects. “EXTRAS” aims to encourage more intensive networking between the EUt+ partner institutions at the research level and to establish a common roadmap for research and innovation.

The Darmstadt Week also included a meeting of the EUt+ working group on microelectronics (coordinated at the h_da by Prof. Thomas Schumann from the Faculty of EIT) to discuss plans for common degree courses, blended intensive programmes (see next article) and mobility options. Parallel to the EUt+ week, the Darmstadt Institute for Statistics and Operations Research at the h_da (DISO) and EUt+ partners organized the “Statistical Data Science” workshop, which was attended by around 40 teaching staff and students. Doctoral students from Cartagena, Cluj, Darmstadt, Dublin and Troyes presented their latest research on the subject. Excursions to Darmstadt and the evening programme enabled participants to become more familiar with the city and our university, and to forge new contacts.

EUt+: first face-to-face blended learning phase at the h_da

On 26 June the face-to-face part of the first EUt+ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) on “Material Modelling – Testing and Parameter Identification” will start in the Faculty of Mechanical and Plastics Engineering (MK). Around 25 Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD-students from our EUt+ partner universities in Troyes, Cluj and Riga will join students from the h_da and the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) to spend a week working together in laboratories and on projects, and discovering more about industry, science and nature in the Rhine-Main area on excursions. The group will be accompanied by four professors from partner universities.

The programme is organised by the International Office in cooperation with Professor Brita Pyttel from the Faculty MK, who is the technical course leader, and is being delivered by Prof. Pyttel and her team. The course began at the end of March and consists of weekly online lectures and a one-week face-to-face unit. Upon completion, all the students will have acquired 5 ECTS credits and a certain amount of foreign experience – in line with the European University of Technology’s philosophy. You can find further information on the International Office website.

Date of update 02 juin 2023