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EUt+ partner universities give starting signal for four European research institutes

Published on November 16, 2021 Updated on November 24, 2021

on the November 8, 2021

The partners of the Initiave will conduct significantly more research with its partner universities in other European countries: On Saturday, November 6, the presidents of the "European University of Technology" initiative laid the foundation stone for this in Darmstadt. In a "Memorandum of Agreement", they decided to establish four joint research institutes and a graduate school. The new institutions will create synergies in research and expand scientific capabilities through the joint use of personnel, laboratories and infrastructure. The number of research institutes is to be expanded in the medium term.

Since November 2020, the European Commission has been funding the eight partner universities from across Europe as part of the "European Universities Initiative". Since then, the partners from Darmstadt, Troyes, Riga, Cartagena, Dublin, Cluj-Napoca, Sofia and Limassol, all of which are technically oriented, have formed the "European University of Technology“. The aim of the initiative is to cooperate more closely in all areas, including teaching and research.

With the establishment of joint European research institutes, the partners have now succeeded in taking a decisive step. Institutes for European Culture and Technology, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, Sustainability and Data Science are being established. Joint research should not only become more efficient through synergies - the participating scientists should also be able to learn better from each other through the exchange of knowledge and best practices. Teachers and doctoral students are encouraged to take advantage of the new opportunities and spend more time in other European countries. In terms of organization, they will be supported by an "EUt+ Research Office", the establishment of which was also decided on Saturday.

The EUt+ research institutes will be made up of researchers from at least two of the partner universities and will allow them to join forces to carry out joint projects. They will have the administrative support of a joint Research Office, which will manage grant applications and funding for these joint teams.

Another major milestone is the planned establishment of a European graduate school. This will be the central contact point for doctoral students conducting research within the framework of EUt+. Together with the European research institutes, they will offer so-called "Master of Research" programs, i.e. master's degree programs with a strong focus on own research rather than teaching.

This European graduate school aim is to promote the mobility of young researchers, strengthen the international links of research groups and launch a joint EUt+ doctoral degree.
Date of update 24 novembre 2021