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Eut+ Women Wednesdays

Published on March 9, 2022 Updated on March 16, 2022

on the March 9, 2022

Every Wednesday, from the 9th of march 2022, following the International Women’s Day 2022, EUt+ will publish portrays of women engaged in the EUt+ adventure.

By their enthousiasm, their vision, their skills and experience, they are key in the unique journey of building a brand new European university delivering as soon as possible a European diploma.

All the people involved in EUt+ share a european vision : a need of a technology both human-centric and society-driven, respectful of individual freedoms and careful about our.

We believe in a technological education that empowers citizens and the society to build an inclusive and powerful Europe.

All together, we will build
  • An inclusive and diverse model that helps every student to define one’s own role in society.
  • A model that delivers a high-level scientific education & research, that allows everyone to achieve excellence through a long-term education.
  • A model that raises technological responsible citizens, and that gives its students the ability to act for a better world.


"I am a Student Representative for the Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany and a member of the EUt+ Student Board which was formed last year. As Student Representatives we are working on a concept for a collective student body within the EUt+. Together we exchange our experiences at the different partner universities, reflect our students wishes and concerns to the Governing Board and come up with projects to unite our students and help shape the experience as a student in the EUt+."
Date of update 16 mars 2022