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Eut+ Women Wednesdays - Nicoleta Maria Ilies

Published on May 11, 2022 Updated on May 11, 2022

on the May 11, 2022

Nicoleta Maria Ilies, Associate Professor at TUCN, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Departments of Structures; PhD in Civil Engineering, specialised in geotechnical engineering.

In the EUT+ involved in WP 3 Task 3 3.3 - Apprenticeship and lifelong learning.

Continuing the series of portraits of EUt+ Women, we present ASSOC. PROF. NICOLETA-MARIA ILIEȘ, PHD, ENG, from the Faculty of Civil Engineering. She specialises in geotechnical engineering and rehabilitation of historical monuments from the point of view of geotechnical engineering.

She participates in the EUt+ project in Work Package 3, which aims at practice and lifelong learning to find similarities and harmonise the educational offers at the level of partner institutions.

Besides being a part of the EUT+ project in Work Package 3 and other complementary packages, professor Ilies is also involved in writing project proposals together with partners to help this initiative have great success.

Assoc. Prof. Nicoleta-Maria ILIEȘ holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from TUCN, specialising in geotechnical engineering. She is the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. She has written and published several papers in the field of Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.

About the EUt+ alliance, she says that : "Eut+ is more than an educational project. It is a state of mind. It is a group of enthusiastic people who want to bring educational programmes to a european level where there is unity and, above all, diversity."
Date of update 11 mai 2022