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International Lecture Series: "The Social Effects of the Corona Crisis"

Published on April 30, 2020 Updated on April 30, 2020

on the April 17, 2020

After some weeks of spreading, politicians and specialists from medicine and especially virologists try to decelerate  the epidemic disease Covid-19 by shut downs. While the various measures succeed in flattening the curves showing the numbers of new infections, the discussion about the social effects of these measures starts to gain momentum. Unemployment, recession, overload of the health system, social isolation, domestic violence, are some of the topics in the general discussion in the media.

In this lecture series, we will pick up a number of topics  which address social effects of Covid-19. The lectures are held on Tuesdays and  again on Thursdays from 5:45-7:15 (CET) via zoom conference.
  • Week 17 (April 21/23): Introduction and organisation
  • Week 18 (April 28/30): Discussion of the Text: Tomas Pueyo (2020): “Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance.”
  • Week 19 (May 05/07): "Small and invisible – risk and risk perception” - by Bernd Steffensen (h_da)
  • Week 20 (May 12/14): “How to participate in social life without travelling from A to B – can we learn from corona times to improve our transport system?” - by Bernd Steffensen (h_da”)
  • Week 21 (May 19/21): “Wash. Your. Hands. – Basic hygiene and infection prevention from an action theory point of view.” - by Jan Barkmann (h_da)
  • Week 22 (May 26/28): “Experience of confinement in a rural part of France: observation and questions”- by Nadège Troussier (UT Troyes)”
  • Week 23 (June 02/04): “Useful measures how to prevent and solve personal conflicts due to quarantine/home-office“ - by Bettina Fackelmann (h_da)
  • Week 24 (June 09/11): “Inequality and Pandemic Responses: A view from the United States.” - by Tina Lee (University of Wisconsin Stout)
  • Week 25 (June 16/18): “Consentment and the Social Contract“ working title - by Noel Fitzpatrick (TU Dublin)
  • Week 26 (June 23/25): "Spanish resilience for the through-Covid era: better safe than sorry in the Sun country" by José Luis Gómez Tornero (Technical University of Cartagena)
  • Week 27 (June 30/July 02): “Normally, I’m working just across the border to …” working title – by Gabriele Bischoff (Member of the EU Parliament)
  • Week 28 (July 07/09):  “Media and international Crises. The role of digital media communication, rumors, fake news and emotions” - by Katrin Döveling (h_da)
  • Week 29 (July 14/16):   “How the COVID 19 Crisis Might Impact the Fall U.S. Elections” - by Kimberly Zagorski, (University of Wisconsin Stout)

Students of the Partner universities of the European University of Technology, EUt+, can register on a moodle learning platform to get course information which will be provided shortly.
Date of update 30 avril 2020