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Published on July 20, 2021 Updated on July 20, 2021

on the July 20, 2021

Optical coupling of nanostructures with waveguides


French University of Technology of Troyes
Laboratory Light, nanomaterials & nanotechnologies L2n UTT/CNRS
12 rue Marie Curie, Troyes, France


Optical coupling of nanostructures with waveguides

Research project short description

This project is within the broad context of quantum technologies and will consist in studying the coupling of light and matter between various types of nanostructures such as nanowires, nanocrystals, nanodiamonds and optical waveguides. Photons will be used as quantum bits and will also be characterised via tomography.
This project aims at using a microphotoluminescence experiment for the study of nanostructures. Such an experiment will enable us to study single nanostructures as single photon sources. Using a pump laser, we will be able to excite a single nanostructure and then study the spectroscopic properties of such a system. In this project, the microphotoluminescence set-up will have to be able to perform at room temperatures as well as down to liquid helium (5 K).
With such an experiment, we will be able to study specific properties of coupled nanostructures such as the coupling of a single nanocrystal with an optical waveguide.
Fabrication in our clean room will be necessary in order to insert nanostructures into the waveguides. The waveguides are made of glass where the guiding is realized through a process of ion-exchange giving rise to a waveguiding region. 
This will be done in collaboration with the photonics company TeemPhotonics based in Grenoble.

Laboratory skills

Optical set-up, cryogenics, single photon detection and electronics, opto-mechanical engineering.


Spectroscopy, nanostructures, quantum information, material science, nanophotonics, quantum optics.

Student profile

Physics, Material Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


3 to 6 months


Christophe Couteau (Assoc Prof), christophe.couteau@utt.fr 
Quantum nanoDevices (qnD) (www.quantumnanodevices.com)
Light, Nanomaterials and & Nanotechnology – L2n, UTT/CNRS.
Date of update 20 juillet 2021