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Students from 3 EUt+ partners – UTT, UTCN and UPCT – take part in the 1st test sessions of the EUt+ ePortfolio.

Published on December 15, 2022 Updated on December 15, 2022

on the December 15, 2022

In December 2022, students from 3 EUt+ partners took part in the first test sessions of the EUt+ ePortfolio model in the context of the Ambassador Programme. Telecommunications and Networks students from UPCT, UTT and UTCN on mobility at UTT and RTU were accompanied by members of task 5.3.

The EUt+ ePortfolio aims to support mobility by providing students with a digital passport as they follow their pedagogical and mobility pathways through the EUt+ campuses. By linking the harmonised curricula in the ‘mobility maps’ with pre-defined final learning outcomes and extracurricular activities, the EUt+ ePortfolio also provides the opportunity for students to showcase their personal and professional experiences, self-evaluate and ask for feedback from teachers.
Through their engagement in testing the EUt+ ePorfolio, these students are, in the context of the Ambassador Programme (previously, “Pioneer Programme”) actively contributing to the key ambition of co-constructing the European University of Technology not only for students but with students. This semester, 40+ students have travelled across EUt+ campuses, helping EUt+ grow and improve thanks to their experience and regular feedback.
In an interview led by UTT, the 3 students from UTCN who took part in the ePortfolio sessions in Troyes confided in enjoying the EUt+ experience very much: “I had a very positive experience at UTT, I would recommend it very much. We meet new people and live a great mobility experience with EUt+''.
Next semester, the UTT students involved in the ePortfolio test sessions will be on mobility at RTU and will continue to fill in their ePortfolios with their pedagogical, cultural and personal experiences.
Date of update 15 décembre 2022