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The Rectors of EUT+ @ UNICAS

Published on April 5, 2024 Updated on April 5, 2024

on the April 5, 2024

On April 3rd and 4th, 2024, the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) hosted delegations from the other eight European University of Technology (EUT+) member universities.

Since the beginning of the second phase of the Alliance, UNICAS had been appreciated for its commitment and ability to play its role in the 11 Work Packages outlined in the EUT+ proposal to the European Commission. There had been a gradual but significant staff engagement process involving multiple components of the academic and administrative staff of UNICAS. The visit to Cassino allowed the Rectors of EUT+ to acquaint themselves with the facilities and the community of UNICAS, which was dedicated daily to its primary and fundamental role of serving students and the local area.

The visit also represented an essential rehearsal for the awaited "Cassino Week" in November 2024, when UNICAS would host about 150 representatives from the academic and administrative staff of EUT+ to review the progress made in the first year of working together as 'nine members'. This was a complex path well outlined in the 'Accelerate' proposal that EUT+ had submitted at the beginning of 2023; a proposal highly appreciated by the European Commission with the highest rating among all other evaluated proposals.

On April 3rd, activities took place within the fascinating setting of Gaeta Castle, where UNICAS presented to the guest Rectors its commitment to internationalization - evidenced by the extraordinary number of international students enrolled with qualifications obtained abroad - and its strong ties to the local area - with technology transfer activities and third mission initiatives. The former aspect was evident in UNICAS' commitment to language teaching, welcoming, and inclusion, in a multicultural context characterized by students from 52 different nationalities studying at UNICAS in English. The latter aspect, revealing UNICAS' relationship with its territory, focused on presenting technological transfer activities and public engagement, highlighting multidisciplinarity, ranging from arts and humanities to STEM disciplines, covering all social, economic, legal sciences psychology and pedagogy. The gala dinner celebrated the conclusion of the activities and represented an opportunity to meet with the local authorities.

The visit to the Campus and the City of Cassino, UNICAS' main headquarters, characterized April 4th. After the visit to Montecassino Abbey, the Rectors of EUT+ visited the Rectorate and other campus facilities, also having the opportunity to appreciate the new headquarters of the Department of Literature and Philosophy. The visit included the Folcara building, home to the departments of Economics and Law and Humanities, Social and Health Sciences, sports facilities, and the residences of DiscoLazio, the Regional Agency that supported students with grants and facilities.

The Rectors Board and visits to the laboratories of the two Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Information Engineering occupied the afternoon. A walk in Cassino city centre was the opportunity for final greetings with local authorities and “arrivederci'' in November 2024 for the first 'Cassino week' of EUT+.
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