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Transversal workshop at UTT from March 1st to March 3rd, 2022 - Accompanying the first pioneer students in September 2022

Published on March 4, 2022 Updated on March 4, 2022

on the March 4, 2022

A transversal workshop is being held at UTT from March 1st to March 3rd, 2022. The main purpose is to define all the actions to be implemented to accompany the experience of the first pioneer students enrolled in September in the EUt+ curricula, prefiguration of the European EUt+ programs.

The objective of these working sessions is to ensure better coordination of our EUt+ activities in the deployment of action plans that are all related to supporting the student experience.

In this respect, about twenty European representatives of the workpackages WP5.1, WP 2.1 and WP7.1 will cross their approach and their action plans in order to mutualize and harmonize them and to make them a reality in the short term.

Students are invited to participate to the working sessions in order to adapt the proposals to their uses and needs.

Some participants to the WP3 from UTT involved in the creation of "Mobilty maps" will come to answer questions and participate in the reflection on how to involve the teaching units’ managers involved in the first clusters. They will also be pioneers.

What will be the benefits for these student pioneers?

  • A dedicated academic team within the branches concerned
  • Automatic recognition of credits
  • Enhanced language training
  • Access to Erasmus scholarships and support in terms of housing and services to make them feel at home on all EUt+ campuses
  • A "co-builder" role that will give the first student enrolled the opportunity to improve and co-construct what will become a curriculum from a European degree.
  • A European student card and a European ePortfolio
  • A European certificate added to the diploma attesting the skills acquired during this EUt+ mobility, to become a European engineer whose employability will be reinforced
Date of update 04 mars 2022