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Webinar October 20, Take action for the climate in your organisation

Published on September 20, 2022 Updated on September 20, 2022

on the September 20, 2022

Description of the event

UTT Alumni and Alumni for the Planet are organising a webinar on “Inspiring action” for the ecological transition the 20th of October from 6pm to 7.30pm CET.

This webinar aims at finding inspiration to take ecological action yourself. It will also be an opportunity to go deeper into a theme related to climate-environment issues and to understand how to take action (potential barriers and levers).

The format is in two parts: Philippe Drobinski, an expert on climate issues, will speak to summarise the latest IPCC reports. Pierre-Alain Zapha, UTT Alumni, will talk about how he initiated a transformation process in his organization.

This webinar has been organized for online participation online. It will be in English to allow our colleagues from the 8 Universities of the EUt+ to participate.

Description of organizing networks

UTT Alumni aims at creating, developing and maintaining a network of professional and friendly relations between all the former students of the University of Technology of Troyes. Since 2021, we have a discord server on which you can connect with your former colleagues! Furthermore, we want to develop actions around ecological issues, and reflect on the consequences of the ecological transition in engineering. You want to participate to this dynamics? You can contact us at contact@utt-alumni.fr.

Alumni for the Planet is a network of alumni taking action to protect the climate and the environment.
"We help our members connect with each other and provide them with the information and support they need to act effectively." They do this by hosting webinars, workshops and sharing expert-approved content to help stakeholders take ecological actions. 
Date of update 20 septembre 2022