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A road to create commons : EUT EXTRAS

EUt+ EXTRAS aims to trigger the emergence of autonomous knowledge-creating teams across our institutions, across disciplines, and across types of activities, in order to establish a common Roadmap for Research and Innovation at the EUt+ level towards 2030.

The ambition of EUt+ project EXperimentation to Transform Research Activities and Steering (EUt+ EXTRAS) is to support the emergence of intercampus knowledge-creating teams across our institutions, across disciplines, and across types of activities, towards a new approach of the environment and of steering and execution of research.

It will be a test bed to establish a common roadmap for research and innovation at the EUt+ level by 2030 to validate a solid methodology of institutional transformation fully integrating the challenges of European technology development.

EUT+ wants to co-construct a pilot experimentation to achieve a critical mass in research that is flexible, decentralised and collaborative, to support the institutional transformation necessary for Europe’s industrial renewal. This entails opening up new career opportunities for the fluidity of ideas and knowledge (both within the university and with the private sector, and the other way around), and avoiding the brain drain often associated with such endeavors.

Since its beginnings, EUt+ has emphasized the importance of involving the local communities: universities of Technology should have a direct impact on local economic structures by providing educational opportunities to underrepresented groups, and know-how to local companies.

The initiative will develop human capital to steer Europe towards a new path of excellence, do science and create technology with and for society, connect technological research with its peripheral environment, conduct series of internal and external analyses for an informed decision-making, create commons in terms of resources and infrastructure, and - importantly - develop, document, and disseminate an assessment methodology with a strong participatory and bottom-up approach.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035812
Date of update 04 avril 2023