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DataSciences lab

Data Science is a fast-growing research field covers many scientific domains where data are at the core of developing cutting-edge technologies, at both pure academic and applicative industrial and societal levels. Exchanging complementary know-how in this domain between Eut+ research teams will certainly contribute to build an outstanding scientific ambitious project, in a competitive European landscape.

The data Science Lab is planning a first workshop on 18th January 2022, aiming to offer an opportunity to all partners to present their research activities related to data science. Interactions during this workshop will yield the strengths of EUt+ research teams and will allow to put the first cornerstones of an outstanding scientific project of this institute.

More about the workshop here

We are organizing a workshop on "Data Science and Applications" on 29th - 30th September 2022. This workshop is a good opportunity to foster further the collaboration within the recently established EUt+ Data Science Lab.

More about this workshop here
Date of update 31 août 2023