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The research schools

At both the Master and PhD level, the creation of a EUt+ Graduate School will enhance students competencies, increase the chances of successful completion and boost interdisciplinary approaches by confronting students with perspectives and input from other fields.

THis approaches will be facilitated by the critical mass that we will have as a single multi-campus university. This will enable us to reinforce existing fields and develop new ones but more importantly it will lead us to rethink the way we do research within each of our institutions. To fully benefit from the potentialities that EUt+ offers, EUT+ will create transversal knowledge-creating teams on a model developed by h_da and which will be extended throughout EUt+ in a transversal, multicampus, way. This will lead to an evolving, stimulating and information-rich environment for students and researchers alike.
Date of update 21 septembre 2021