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EUt+ Partner CUT Announces Equality Plan for 2022-2024

Published on October 27, 2022 Updated on October 27, 2022

on the October 27, 2022

During the 'Limassol week' of the European University of Technology, Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) held the 'Inclusive Future for all' event, where they presented their Equality Plan for 2022-2024.

All EUt+ partners will deliver intersectional equity plans as part of their collaborative work on gender and equity under Task 2.3 of the initiative. The intersectional equity plan, focusing on inclusiveness and embeddedness, is aligned with the commitments in Work Package Two – Europe for everyone: inclusiveness and embeddedness.

The event was co-organized during the EUt+ Limassol Week by the Gender-SMART project team, the CUT's Senate Equality Committee and the EUt+ project team. During the event, the Equality Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus, Ms. Iosifina Antoniou, delivered her greetings and CUT's Rector, Prof. Panayiotis Zaphiris. In the presentation, the members of the CUT community, staff and students, and the wider society were informed about the main pillars and actions included in the Plan, as well as about the responsibilities and roles of each implementing body. The Plan's presentation by Mrs Panayiota Polykarpou and Dr. Eleni Pashia was followed by the signing of the
Equality Plan by the Rector of the University and the President of the Council, Mr Christos Chomatas.

The design of the Equality Plan aims to commit CUT to a dynamic and innovative culture based on equality, diversity and inclusion. The CUT, through the implementation of the Equality Plan 2022-2024, takes an active position in the fight against intersectional inequalities and stereotypes that are reproduced based on interrelated aspects – gender, race, age, disability, sociability, social-economic status – with the aim of spreading knowledge and promoting existing and institutionalizing new policies for the creation of an inclusive working and learning environment. 


Date of update 27 octobre 2022