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Drawing up the EUt+ general convergence timetable

Published on March 19, 2020 Updated on March 24, 2020

on the January 14, 2020

Darmstadt, Germany

STRATEGY: The timetable for the general convergence of the eight establishments is drawn up.

It projects an evolution over 15 years, with the successive stages of alliance, experimental confederation, integrated confederation and federation.

This convergence calendar insists in particular on the necessary appropriation and adhesion of staff, students and all stakeholders to the objectives and construction of the EUt+ initiative.

EUt+ seeks to develop a collective intelligence approach consisting of working together to overcome administrative, psychological or physical obstacles, whether internal or external. This model of cooperation is based on systemic approaches to managing change by linking participation, social action and knowledge production. For example, students from all partners have been systematically integrated into the co-construction process. 
Date of update 24 mars 2020